Below is a list of websites that can be helpful throughout the college selection and application process.

Choosing a College_____________________________________________________
  • eCampus Tours Website

This is a great website to get a glimpse of various colleges. Once you have logged in you can search for colleges and see a 360 view of different parts of campus. Taking a virtual tour can give you a picture of the college before you visit yourself. Although not all colleges are listed in the database many are and this is a great way to see the college or university before you actually arrive on campus.

  • College Board - Big Future College Search

This site can help students find the right college match based on a variety of different dimensions, including types of school, location, campus and housing, majors and learning environment, sports and activities, applying academic credit, paying, support services and diversity.
  • has information on a variety of colleges and universities including: undergraduate schools, graduate schools, community colleges and career colleges.

  • SUNY Information Website

Students can use this website to get information about and apply to SUNY schools.

Choosing a Major______________________________________________________

The site provides a college major database, answers questions like, 'What can I do with a major in... ?,' Top ten lists, and other resources on majors and degrees.

Choosing a Career______________________________________________________

This website includes a plethora of information about possible careers. Links on the site include: career database, video library, salary calculator, top ten lists, career community, industry database and other online resources.

This link includes career assessment tests (for a small fee) and also a free career values assessment test. Students who are unsure about careers can take these tests to help pinpoint possible career matches.

  • College Board - Big Future Explore Careers

Explore career ideas that match your interests. The site also shows new career ideas as well as how others made their choices.

  • NY Career Zone Website

This website allows students to search for career interests as well as view career profiles for potential careers. The site gives the outlook, salary, and qualifications for careers in the New York area. This is a great starting point for students exploring various career paths.

SAT & ACT Information________________________________________________
  • College Board SAT Website

On this site you can practice for the SAT, register online to take the SAT and view your scores online.

Take a free test online or download to print.
  • ACT Website

This website is where students can register for the ACT test. This website also has career planning, college planning and financial aid information.
Financial Information___________________________________________________

This website helps break down the financial aid process including how to find and apply for financial aid, FAFSA, Student Aid Report and Financial Aid packages.

This link gives students information and tips about sticking to a budget while in college.

  • College Board - Big Future Paying For College

This site includes a variety of information including: how to apply for aid, hear how others pay, understanding college costs, search for scholarships and learn about loans.

Scholarship Information_________________________________________________

  • Fastweb Website

This website is a great search tool for scholarships. Students create profiles and are then matched to scholarships they may qualify for.

  • College Board - Big Future Scholarship Search!welcome

Find scholarships, financial aid and internships from more than 2,200 programs. Enter your information to receive matches.


This site describes types of scholarships and grants available to students including merit-based aid, need-based aid, student-specific aid, career-specific aid and college-specific aid.


Any student over the age of 16 is eligible and students simply need to submit a 300 word essay responding to that month's essay prompt. The winner is selected each month by personnel.

Application Help_______________________________________________________
  • Common Application Website

This is an excellent one-stop shop for college applications. With over 450 colleges as members students can fill out this one online "common application" which they can use to apply to multiple colleges and universities. 

  • SUNY Information Website

Students can use this website to apply to SUNY schools.

Save Money for College with Everyday Spending____________________________
  • Upromise

WHAT IS Upromise?

Upromise - Helping You Save for Your Child's Education

Upromise was founded with a single mission in mind—to help families achieve the goal of a college education for the children they love. Upromise provides the programs, products, and information parents need to help them reach their college-savings goals.

As a Upromise member, you can save for college on everyday purchases such as gas, groceries, dining out—even when you shop online.

And you can invite your family and friends to help you save too. When they join, a portion of their eligible spending can be deposited into your Upromise account—automatically.

How It Works

  • Join Upromise for FREE and register your grocery loyalty cards, credit cards, and other basic information to allow us to track your eligible spending
  • Shop for the participating products and services you enjoy
  • Save a portion of your qualified spending for college automatically in your Upromise account.


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